• Sandeep Chandrasekar

Hero Movie Review

When the first look of Hero was released it seemed like a movie similar to that of Mysskin’s Mugamoodi. But after watching this film, it’s safe to say that its on a completely different track. Hero is helmed by P.S. Mithran who made a solid debut with Irumbuthirai. Sivakarthikeyan and Arjun play the lead roles in the movie and the music is composed by Yuvan Shankar Raja. 

One thing that’s very noticeable in a P.S. Mithran film is that, his movies are based on small concepts from a Shankar movie. For example, the scene in Boys where Senthil says that Information is Wealth led to Irumbuthirai. Hero felt like a spiritual successor to Gentleman. The movie even had dialogues and scenes which direclty connect theses two movies. Where the difference lies is in the message they’re trying to convey. According to me, Gentleman wanted to show that the education system is not perfect due to some political interferences while Hero blatantly says that the education system is flawed.

This is one of those films where one can easily identify the pros and cons in the movie. Yuvan Shankar Raja set the theatre on fire with his spine chilling background score which was a huge bonus to the movie. The first two songs and Kalyani Priyadarshan’s character are totally irrelevant to the story which would have drastically reduced the run time of the movie. 

But the film seemed very coherent which I thought was unlikely in the beginning of the movie. The real movie kicks in half hour before the intermission. The massy moments in the movie were beautifully crafted with reference to earlier scenes in the movie primarily because of the editing which left quite an impression. 

One thing to look out for in the movie are it’s dialogues, though crisp are really effective. Abhay Deol played a fantastic villain with that much needed depth in his personality having just a single goal of destroying people’s ideas. Arjun returns as Action King with well directed stunt sequences. There is a lot of preaching in the movie about how one should follow his passion and think innovatively which could have been portrayed in a much simpler manner. Mithran stayed clear in his writing not deviating from the main object of the movie. 

Hero had a lot of whacky ideas and concepts which felt convincing for most of the part. The director works out a formula which combines the vigilante aspect from Gentleman and a solid message of Follow your Passion from 3 Idiots. The film also carries the right amount of emotion through the students who are not able to succeed in the present education system. The title hero isn’t meant to justify Sivakarthikeyan's mask and suit but to convey the fact that anyone can become a hero if they think differently. 

Mithran gives a clean finish to the movie which shows Sivakarthikeyan finally realising his dream of becoming a ‘hero’. The only element that holds back this movie from its full potential is the intensive preaching throughout the movie. 

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