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Psycho Movie Review

Mysskin’s Psycho stars Udhayanidhi Stalin, Aditi Rao Hydari and Nithya Menen in the lead roles and has its music composed by Ilayaraaja. I say “Mysskin’s Psycho” not merely because he had written and directed the movie but for stamping his trademark on it. 

Mysskin gives a tribute to Alfred Hitchcock who made the original Psycho and shows the quote of Abraham Maslow, “We are simultaneously worms and gods”. Mysskin not only takes this ideology but also portrays it literally showing a dreaded serial killer crawling for his redemption. 

In his recent interviews, Mysskin had told that Psycho is loosely based on the Buddhist story of Angulimala. So besides the serial killings of the psychopath it talks about one’s guilt and redemption in the future. The connection is very direct because the protagonist Gautham (Udhayanidhi) has a lot of interest in Lord Buddha and the serial killer also had the chance to reminisce about the past. 

Mysskin’s filmmaking has a very distinct touch to it. While some people might joke about Quentin Tarantino’s love for feet, there’s Mysskin who has a love for showing close up shots of cars’ wheels. Mysskin is also able to conjure scenes which are both literal and metaphoric in nature.


Aditi Rao plays Dakini,  a radio jockey, also being the love interest of Gautham. Aditi is perfectly cast for the role as she is able to show vulnerability when she’s captured by the serial killer but also  have the tenacity and guts when she knows for sure that there’s someone coming to save her. Even the clue given by her to Gautham is in the form of audio via the radio. Then there’s Nithya Menen who plays an foul mouthed ex-cop who helps Gautham in the case. She plays a quadriplegic so its interesting to see how Gautham and Kamala work together.

Udhayanidhi Stalin as Gautham

Ilayaraaja’s music is masterclass and the presence of silence in many scenes instead of melodramatic music elevate the scene to a another level. Mysskin tries to make Psycho poetic in many ways; we have a cop who sings AM Raja songs; Gautham listens to Beethoven’s Symphony No. 7 while planning to save Dakini; and the first meeting between the serial killer, Anguli and Gautham which was supposed to be dramatic like in every other movie results in Gautham giving a certain type of cactus plant to Anguli to be given to Dakini.

What's interesting in the movie is though Udhayanidhi might seem to be the lead in the movie, it's actually Dakini who takes the form of Buddha to liberate Anguli. To show Mysskin's eye for detail, the name Dakini means a sacred female spirit in Buddhism.  

In the end, Psycho is much more than a regular serial killer thriller and Mysskin tries to convey that even the most evil person has a chance to redeem themselves. 

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