• Sandeep Chandrasekar

Sabhaapathy Tamil Movie Review

Cast: Santhanam, M.S. Bhaskar, Preeti Varma

Director: R. Srinivasa Rao

Music: Sam C.S.

The best way to enjoy a Friday night is to watch an exciting movie in your favourite theatre. So I instantly booked tickets for Santhanam’s latest film Sabhaapathy at S2 Cinemas Theyagaraja.

Honestly, the only expectation I had about this movie was the element of humour to be present throughout the film. Like the number of people who showed up to watch the film, the laughs too didn’t show up much.

The crux of the film is about how Sabhaapathy, an honest and kind-hearted man played by Santhanam gets a job and make his family proud whilst going through various challenges due to his stuttering problem.

With a cast comprising Santhanam, M.S. Bhaskar and Swaminathan, you'd definitely expect some Lollu Sabha moments in the film or a film taken like a Lollu Sabha skit such as A1. Though the plot of A1 is wafer thin, the comedic timing of the film is impeccable like Lollu Sabha which keeps you hooked on to the film, and if you're an A1 'veriyan' you might watch it a couple of more times.

Sabhaapathy falls flat on comedy for a film where the only thing you'd expect is comedy. The staging of most of the scenes are extremely cringy and the characterisation of everyone in the movie seems one-dimensional.

Santhanam tries something different like Sivakarthikeyan in Doctor, but it just doesn't work here as there isn't enough material to connect the supporting characters to the core plot of the film and give them each a distinct persona.

Just when you expect the second half to get more interesting and have the potential to turn into an action thriller (don't take this too seriously), you get a song which has one of the worst placements in Tamil cinema, which beats the level of cringe you had experienced in the first half.

With a run time of 2 hours 3 mins, the only thing you'd want is to run away from, is this movie. Not to be harsh, but to be completely honest, the film is tiring and pointless. M.S Bhaskar plays Sabhaapathy's father and tries his best to keep his scenes breathing but apart from that the movie reminded me of Santhanam's Dagaalty where I felt similar emotions akin to this one.

In the end, the only thing I could savour in these two hours was the theatre popcorn which is never disappointing!

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