• Sandeep Chandrasekar

Thambi Movie Review

Thambi is an emotional thriller film directed by Jeethu Joseph of Drishyam fame, starring Karthi, Jyothika and Sathyaraj in the lead roles. Govind Vasantha has composed the music for the film and has given ample suspense and mystery to amplify the scenes. 

The movie is primarily about Saravanan played by Karthi who is thought to have run away from his family only to return 15 years later which leads us to uncover the truth behind the incident. 

The movie is written by three people, similar to that of Super Deluxe but the key differentiating factor here is that the screenplay can be bisected in Thambi. The most noticeable element in the movie is that the editing in the first half is incredibly crude with mistimed and misplaced songs and background score. 

The screenplay is much better in the second half due to some twists which proved to be very effective. The twists are shown beautifully with well crafted sequences which managed to keep me quite engaged. Sathyaraj would be the MVP of Thambi as his eyes just dominate the screen to give the audience the needed connect between the scenes. 

The stunt sequences are really cliche but the punchy track accompanying it was the only saving grace. Having seen Karthi in a full-on action mode in Kaithi, Thambi doesn’t quite impress in the stunt department. The comedy tracks in the movie were completely irrelevant and could’ve cut down the run time of the film if removed.  

Thambi features some cool shots with a top view of 4 trucks slowly converging to show an argument between a few people. Right when you expect a thrilling follow up we are greeted with a scene 15 years later. By the end of the movie we realise that the opening shot was nothing more than just a beautiful shot. 

The story is very limited in its scope as Thambi’s universe is very small. So the movie can be made more interesting only with the help of good screenwriting. That’s what had been done to a certain extent in the second half. The pace and intensity of the writing accelerates as the movie progresses.

The film’s title is aptly justified as the title resonates to the character of the brother and not merely the protagonist. In the end we are left with a clichéd climax where Karthi decides to go reunite with Jyothika and her family despite all the drama in the penultimate scenes. I guess the scriptwriters didn’t want to take any risk by ending the movie the other way round. Sample this; directors like Vetrimaaran and Gautham Menon don’t mind killing the main characters in the movie so as to provide an extra layer of emotion and flavour to the movie. 

Though Bigil didn’t work out for me, it really stood out for its art direction and colour correction. There is no sort of experimentation in Thambi to make it stand out. Concluding, despite the great performances of the actors and the twists in the story, Thambi is let down by it’s weak writing and editing. 

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